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Homeline Conveyancing was set up in the late 1990’s to assist in making the process of Residential Purchases and Sales (Conveyancing) easier. HomeLine Conveyancing is a practising style of Stephen Rimmer LLP a well established firm of Solicitors based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. As the firm has expanded steadily over the last 30 years it has invested heavily in technology. It now has a total staff of more than 70. In an increasingly complex world the best legal service can only be given by those who have detailed experience of a particular field. We therefore adopted a Department policy and thus all of our solicitors and legal staff work in specific specialist Departments within the firm. As a Homeline client you will receive the dedicated service of a fully trained professional.


Clients demand, and are entitled to expect, prompt and efficient legal services. We are happy to communicate in any way:

  • Post
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Fax.

At the same time we never forget that clients also prefer a personal service. We select all our administration and support staff for their ability, combined with a friendly and approachable manner, so from the first moment that you Contact Us you will feel that you are in good hands.